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{if $deny_registration} We are closed for new registrations now. {elseif $settings.use_referal_program && $settings.force_upline && !$referer && !$settings.get_rand_ref} You do not have a upline. Our system require a upline for each user. {else} {literal} {/literal} {if $errors}
    {section name=e loop=$errors} {if $errors[e] eq 'full_name'}
  • Please enter your full name! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'address'}
  • Please enter your address! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'city'}
  • Please enter your city! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'state'}
  • Please enter your state! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'zip'}
  • Please enter your zip! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'country'}
  • Please choose your country! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'username'}
  • Please enter valid username! It should contains English letters and digits only. {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'username_exists'}
  • Sorry, such user already exists! Please try another username. {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'email_exists'}
  • Sorry, such email already exists! Please try another email. {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'password'}
  • Please enter a password! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'password_confirm'}
  • Please check your password! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'password_too_small'}
  • The password you provided is too small, please enter at least {$settings.min_user_password_length} characters! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'transaction_code'}
  • Please enter the Transaction Code! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'transaction_code_confirm'}
  • Please check your Transaction Code! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'transaction_code_too_small'}
  • The Transaction Code you provided is too small, please enter at least {$settings.min_user_password_length} characters! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'transaction_code_vs_password'}
  • The Transaction Code should differ from the Password! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'email'}
  • Please enter your e-mail! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'email2'}
  • Please check your email! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'agree'}
  • You have to agree with the Terms and Conditions! {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'turing_image'}
  • Enter the verification code as it is shown in the corresponding box. {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'no_upline'}
  • The system requires an upline to register. {if $settings.get_rand_ref}You have to be agreed to random one or found a referral link in the net.{/if} {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'ip_exists_in_database'}
  • Your IP already exists in our database. Sorry, but registration impossible. {/if} {if $errors[e] eq 'invalid_account_format'} {foreach from=$account_errors item=err}
  • {$err} {/foreach} {/if}


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